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Underwriting Solutions of America, Inc (USA) is an all industry friendly Labor Underwriting company offering specialty Workers Compensation and payroll solutions to Insurance Agencies and business owners nationwide. Underwriting Solutions of America has the capacity to underwrite all workers compensation exposures regardless of company size, industry and past experience. Engaging our service will arm your insurance agency with the ability to deliver a well-needed solution to the problems associated with workers compensation today. Underwriting Solutions of America's consultants has been helping Insurance Agencies find affordable, unique alternative coverage for its clients when choices are extremely limited. USA has placed millions of dollars in annual Workers Compensation premium through its alternative market partnerships over the last four years. Our ability to partner with workers compensation solutions companies that share risk with their carriers has given Underwriting Solutions of America the ability to grant approvals where declinations are imminent. This service extends to diverse companies having High Workers Compensation Experience Modifications and to companies with as little as one employee. Upon analysis of the information supplied from the business or insurance agency, we will then put together a program that is suitable to that company's particular needs.

This process ensures that the services offered by Underwriting Solutions of America correspond with the needs of your clients, eliminating "square peg in a round hole" effect. Our bottom line result is: delivering needed solution at a competitive price.

Let us do the work, ...your agency and your client decide from there.

Even Better! Because Underwriting Solutions of America operates as a wholesale capacity with our markets, your agency is compensated on a residual basis well above the industry average...

Don't hesitate call today and start receiving affordable options for your clientele that are in need... Toll Free 1-888 765-2267

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